Thursday, 17 May 2012

FBI and SOCA Seize 36 Websites For Card Fraud

Federal Bureau of Investigations (FBI) and Serious Organized Crime Agency (SOCA) has worked together and seized 36 domains. All these 36 websites were involved in the credit card frauds. These websites were all found to be trading illegally-obtained payment card details.

Organization has also informed the financial institutions and banks whose customers have been affected by these cybercriminal websites. They also claimed to prevented fraud that might have cost individuals and companies more than £500 million. So we can say that this is one of biggest anti-fraud operation of recent days.

“This operation is an excellent example of the level of international cooperation being focused on tackling online fraud,” said Lee Miles, Head of Cyber Operations for SOCA.

“Our activities have saved business, online retailers and financial institutions potential fraud losses estimated at more than half a billion pounds, and at the same time protected thousands of individuals from the distress caused by being a victim of fraud or identity crime.”

In past two years, law enforcement agencies from many countries have worked together to prevent online fraud and cyber crimes. Although, cyber crimes are increasing day by day but this kind of strong steps against cyber criminals will surely make some positive impact.

Law enforcement agencies claim to save many personal accounts which can be misused by these fraudster websites. And these websites can help in identifying more websites which are involved in these kinds of crimes.

At last, it’s my personal advice to all internet users to be safe as much as they can. If they want to purchase something online, then take care while choosing the merchant. Try to purchase only from the trusted vendors and ensure that your personal and card information don’t end up in the wrong hands.


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