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How to hack facebook account

If you are searching for some online easy to use Facebook hacking tools, then read: Facebook hacking tools and online services

This post uses some manual methods to hack Facebook account.

There are many ways to hack facebook account.
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1: phishing:- Phishing or fake page hacking is the most widely used hacking trick for any type of accounts of website. It can also be implemented as in this case too.  Read my previous post on phishing to learn it and download facebook phishing page from below. That post was specially for Gmail. The same process will be applied in the case of faceook too. you only need to save facebook login page to your system and make changes to form element of action as per in my that post. 
you can also use Tabnapping . This is also a type of phishing but it will make it easier to send your fake page to the victim. Download Tabnapping script from this link:TabNapping Script . Read more about Tabnapping here 

IMPORTANT: sending fake page in case of simple case is not so easy. I am suggesting you an effective way of doing that. You get facebook notification emails. Use the format of that email address but replacing the URL with your fake URL ;)

Download facebook phishing page here:

2: Keylogger:- Keylogger is another useful tool to hack someone's facebook account. If you do not know about keyloggers read here . This is the best way to hack Facebok some keyloggers from this link. Kelogger download . Now it's up to you.. how you are using this tool. If you have physical access to victims system, you can manually install this tool and it will effectively work.
Note: If you do not know much about computer and programming, keylogger is the best and easiest way for you. Download the best keylogger from the link below and read its tutorial. 

Download WinSpy and read How to hack facebook with keylogger

NOTE: Never search for the free or crack. Because that will not work. Some hackers also hosted it for free with Trojan. When you will use those free hosted on some file hosting server, you are taking risk with your facebook account which can be hacked with that trojan. So download only with the official link given above.
3: Firesheep:- If your victim uses unsecure wireless network then you can hack him easily by using mozilla firefox and a simple firefox plugin. Firesheep. read this post to know about firesheep and dowload it from that post. Firesheep . For college campus, this tool is easiest to use and best to hack. use this tool to gain access to any of the person using the same unsecure wireless network.

4: Hack Facebook's primary email address:- Hacking someone's email account also need above described methods (phishing, keylogger, firesheep) but you can also hack it by using forgot password and then by guessing his security question. Many times people use simple security questions which are easy to guess. If you know him/her personally, you can easily guess.

5: Facebook's can't access account option:- there is an recovery option in Facebook account. You can mention that your primary email address is also hacked. Then they will ask you many questions regarding that account. as some name of friends, account holder's some personal information etc. If you know about victim well, you can be able to answer all those question. then facebook will ask you for new email address for password recovery. Give any email address which you can access. 

Facebook also has a recovery option with four of your friends in case of lost access to recovery email and recovery number. So you can use four of his/her friends to recover his account on any new email id specified by you. For this you can either use some of existing friends on that profile or can use four fake profiles and add that person.

These are some ways of hacking Facebook account. There may be more but this time only these are in my mind. :P
if i will remember any other method i will update this post..

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