Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Remove Write Protection On Memory Cards and USB Drives

Many times we see some write protection error while using memory cards and USB drive. These errors may include write protection errors as you can see in the snap below.
This type of problem caused by virus. Few months back, i also faced the same problem. So i found a nice solution. 
There are two ways of doing this

  1. Using Registry Editor
  2. Using PenDrive repair tool
  3. Apacer Formatting Utility

Using Registry Editor

In this method, we will change some values in window registry. TO do this follow these steps:

  • Open Registry Editor by clicking on Star Menu --> Run. Now type “regedit” in run dialog box and you will see your Registry Editor opened.
  • Now Navigate to the following path in the registry editor:
  • If there is no StorageDevicePolicies key in your system then download this.Reg File and double click on it. Now restart your computer and it will add Storage DevicePolicies key in your windows registry.
  • Now double click on the WriteProtect and make its value 0 and than click OK.
  • Now close registry editor and restart your system.
  • Now plug your memory card or USB in and enjoy non write protected memory card.
Repair Usb drive using Pen drive repair
This is another solution of the problem in which your USB drive shows write protection error.  Download this tool and format your USB drive or memory card with th help of this. After formating your USB drive or memory card will start work fine.

Follow these steps and use this tool.
  1. Download Pen Drive repair from the above link and extract in your system.
  2. Plug in memory card or USB drive which you want to repair.
  3. Now run the tool and format the USB drive or memory card with the help of this.
  4. It will remove all the protection.

Apacer Formatting Utility
If you are unable to resolve your problem with the help of above methods, then you can try this nice tool Apacer Formatting Utility.
This also works in the same way Pen Drive repair works. Follow these steps and use it
  1. Download Apacer Formatting Utility to your computer and extract in your system.
  2. Plug in USB drive or memory card and then double click on the Start.bat. It will then format your USB drive.
  3. After formatting your card has been free from the write protection


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