Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Keyboard Shortcuts for Windows 8 Consumer Preview

Microsoft has launched Windows 8 Consumer Preview 2 days back. It has gained lots of attention and got more than 1 million download in just 24 hours after the release. 

This new windows 8 is totally different from other previous version of windows. It is difficult for most of the users. But tablet and touch users will find it easy. Because it is mainly optimized for touch devices.

As i find that using this with the keyboard is really easy and fast. So you should remember some keyboard shortcuts. It supports all the previous shortcuts used in older version of windows. But there are many new added in this version. See the new keyboard shortcuts added in this version of the windows. And use all older windows shortcuts.

New hotkeys (Shortcuts) added in Windows 8 Consumer Preview
Key combinationFunction
Windows-SpaceSwitch input language and keyboard layout.
Windows-OLock device orientation.
Windows-,Temporarily peek at the desktop.
Windows-VCycle through toasts.
Windows-Shift-VCycle through toasts in reverse order.
Windows-EnterLaunch Narrator.
Windows-PgUpMove the Start Screen or a Metro-style application to the monitor on the left.
Windows-PgDownMove the Start Screen or a Metro-style application to the monitor on the right.
Windows-Shift-.Move the gutter to the left (snap an application).
Windows-.Move the gutter to the right (snap an application).
Windows-COpen the Charms bar.
Windows-IOpen the Settings charm.
Windows-KOpen the Connect charm.
Windows-HOpen the Share charm.
Windows-QOpen the Search pane.
Windows-WOpen the Settings Search app.
Windows-FOpen the File Search app.
Windows-TabCycle through apps.
Windows-Shift-TabCycle through apps in reverse order.
Windows-Ctrl-TabCycle through apps and snap them as they cycle.
Windows-ZOpen the App Bar.
Windows-/Initiate input method editor (IME) reconversion.
Windows-JSwap foreground between the snapped and filled apps.


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