Wednesday, 16 May 2012

How to extract data from a Web Page into an Excel Spreadsheet

Do you know? you can extract the data of a website into a excel spreadsheet. This feature is very useful when you found some useful data on a webpage and you want to save it into your system. You can save Google search results, your bank ministatments and other records with just a mouse clicks.

To import a webpage into excel sheet click on  Data and then go it Get External Data group. In this you will find an option "From Web". Click on this and  then "From Web".

There is another way of doing this in which you do not need to open Microsoft excel each time to import a webpage. 
Open Internet Explorer and then navigate to the website you want to import. Then right click on the page where you will find an option to "Export to Excel"

Once the data is inside Excel, you can do all sort of complex things like conditional formatting, sorting, create charts, etc. If you set the data auto-refresh, Excel will update the worksheet whenever the source web page changes.


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