Thursday, 17 May 2012

In this post i will explain about Caching Proxy servers and Web Proxy Server

This is the first type of proxy servers. 

Caching Proxy servers

 These are the proxy servers which keeps a copy of the previously accessed pages, images and other type of media in the server cache for some period of time. If the same user or any other user requset for the same file, the file is served from the cache of the server. After the cache time period expired, the file is removed from the cache. Most ISPs and large businesses have a caching proxy. Caching proxies were the first kind of proxy server.

Advantages of the Cache Proxy servers: As we can see that the web page, images and other media accessed by a user is stored in the cache. Next time these previously accessed pages are served directly from the cache not from the original server. So it reduces bandwidth consumption and faster access. The time of response is faster now. This is really good when you want to access some blogs which you have accessed before. Proxy server will serve the page from the serve cache even if the website is currently offline.

Disadvantages of Cache Proxy servers: Although Cache Proxy servers provide faster access to some frequent resources. But it has a big advantage. It is not good for those website which changes the content and media frequently.
Some poorly configured proxy servers also have some big advantages which creates problem in logging into a website. So use this proxy server with a good server administrator only.

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But this advantage is not big now as most of th web masters are also optimize their website for caching and use some server side caching mechanisms by using CDNs. CDN cache static data of the website for the long period of time on the distributed servers.

This is the second type of proxy servers. 

Web Proxy Servers

 Web Proxy Servers are those Proxy servers which only serves the HTTP traffic. These are mostly used in Schools, organizations and corporate world to block websites on the base of URLs. All the proxy websites which we used to access some other websites in order to hide out IP address are called web proxy servers.
But Web Proxies are some thing wider than we think. It can be the combination of some other type of proxy servers. A web proxy can also do the job of a cache proxy server to cache the recently requested pages to serve those pages next time from the cache.

Types of Web Proxy:

Transparent Proxy: These are the simpler type of proxy servers which keeps every thing transparent identifies itself as a proxy server . It reveals the IP address of the Proxy server and the IP address of the client who is using the proxy. These proxies are used to get around the simple IP ban but it do not provide the anonymity.

Anonymous Proxy: These type of Proxy servers identifies itself as a proxy server and reveals the ip only of the the server. This hides the IP of the client who is using the server. This type of proxy server is detectable, but provides reasonable anonymity for most users.

Elite Proxy: These are the most advanced proxy servers which do not identifies iself as a proxy server. So it is hard to detece whether the request is coming from the proxy server of coming from the original users. It provides an advance level of anonymity. These servers are usually paid and available only after paying. Hackers used this type of proxy servers for high profile hacking. These are also called High Anonymity Proxy servers


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