Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Integrate your location into your Windows 7 computer without GPS

In Windows 7, Microsoft introduced some cool features. Integrate your location into your Windows 7 is one of those features.  Windows 7 has a built-in framework for sensors that is only just now getting some developer love.
Follow the steps to enable this 

Download GeoSense from the link
and install it.
Now go to the control panel, select "Hardware and Sound," then "Enable location and Other Sensors." 

Tick the box next to GeoSense, then click "Apply." 
To view more information about the Geosense Location Sensor, change its description, change who can access the sensor, and to uninstall Geosense, click on > Geosense Location Sensor.
Now that the sensor is enabled, you can use it with location-aware applications.


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